Week 3: Yeasted Savory Cake with Fennel, Olives and Capers

Before I started my 52 cake challenge, I started to think about all of the possible iterations of cake, one of which was savory. Since then, I’ve fixated over the idea of a cake filled with herbs, vegetables and cheese.


I know what you’re thinking… how can savory cake count as actual cake. Trust me, I’m not cheating on the challenge this early. Even though the cake does include vegetables and cheese, the recipe also includes eggs and butter, giving it a rich, moist and decadent crumble, much like a classic traditional cake.

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Week 2: Flourless Chocolate Belated Birthday Cake

I have a hunch that I’m going to be celebrating a lot of birthdays this year. The first of which I got to celebrate this weekend.


I have a friend who is not on Facebook, which made it embarrassingly easy to miss her birthday. Instead of a passive “sorry I missed it!”text, I decided to throw her a Saturday night dinner party with none other than a flourless chocolate cake finale.

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Week 1: Rose Infused Cake

They say that the best way to accomplish your goals is to just do it–they being Nike and it being sports, which I happen to be very very bad at. However, I think that this phrase fits pretty well with my personal goal of baking 52 cakes in one year. One. Cake. Every. Week.


I decided to start off this challenge in the most basic way possible by making a rose water infused cake to serve my friends during the Bachelor premiere. ROSE water cake and the Bachelor… needless to say, everyone accepted the invite to come and watch reality TV and eat cake.

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