Week 2: Flourless Chocolate Belated Birthday Cake

I have a hunch that I’m going to be celebrating a lot of birthdays this year. The first of which I got to celebrate this weekend.


I have a friend who is not on Facebook, which made it embarrassingly easy to miss her birthday. Instead of a passive “sorry I missed it!”text, I decided to throw her a Saturday night dinner party with none other than a flourless chocolate cake finale.


Flash back to several weeks ago, when I made a chocolate torte for my family’s Christmas dinner. It had a delightful fudge-y consistency, but was too rich in flavor and texture. Something was missing. Unable to shake my flourless chocolate dessert defeat, and knowing that the guest of honor was a fan of chocolate, I sought out a different recipe.

A few google searches later, without fail, my girl Martha came through for me (full recipe here). Second time must have been a charm, because the end result was perfect! Fluffy, chocolate-y, and not too decadent.


In making this cake, I realized what my first attempt had been missing–air! Before folding my egg whites into the tempered butter and chocolate I made sure to give my egg whites a thorough 10 minute long whipping, an essential step in flourless chocolate cake and something I wasn’t as careful about perviously. The TLC definitely gave my cake the lift I was looking for and created a soufflé like texture that I could not stop eating!

I had to have two slices…

Final thoughts on Flourless Chocolate Cake:

  • A mouthful of chocolate clouds. That’s all.


Wine bottles were emptied, the song was sung, wishes were made, cake was devoured. I’d say it was a pretty great week two.

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