Week 3: Yeasted Savory Cake with Fennel, Olives and Capers

Before I started my 52 cake challenge, I started to think about all of the possible iterations of cake, one of which was savory. Since then, I’ve fixated over the idea of a cake filled with herbs, vegetables and cheese.


I know what you’re thinking… how can savory cake count as actual cake. Trust me, I’m not cheating on the challenge this early. Even though the cake does include vegetables and cheese, the recipe also includes eggs and butter, giving it a rich, moist and decadent crumble, much like a classic traditional cake.


The day I decided I was going to make my first savory cake was an incredibly busy day–I’m talking yoga, dog park, friends over, date night kind of day. To say I made a huge oversight with timing on this recipe is an understatement. (Note to self: read the full recipe before starting). Because the recipe involved using yeast, I had to wait several hours between making the batter, filling with sautéed vegetables and finally putting in the over for 25 minutes to bake. From start to finish, my total time was about five hours, and that was with cutting a few corners.


I’m not joking when I say I was putting my lipstick on with one hand and chopping vegetables with the other just to get this cake put together in time to meet my boyfriend. Just as I pulled a perfectly browned savory cake out of the oven, I was throwing my jacket on and running to catch a train downtown for dinner.


Final thoughts on Yeasted Savory Cake with Fennel, Olives and Capers:

  • This took a lot more time than I was expecting.
  • Time spent was well worth it.
  • Savory cake is a perfect and acceptable breakfast.
  • This definitely counts as a serving of vegetables.

Week three and I’m still at it! Check out this article from NPR for more on the origins of savory cakes, this recipe and more.

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