Week 5: Raspberry Cabernet Cake

When I received a Facebook invite to celebrate my friends upcoming birthday my immediate thought was what kind of cake will I make? At a loss, I decided to phone a few friends to join me in the kitchen to pull off a cake for a crowd and brainstorm some ideas. After all, friends don’t let friends bake alone.


Our initial plan was to make a cake infused with alcohol because what party isn’t complete with out a little red wine? Since this was a group endeavor, I had my culinary inclined friend select a recipe for us to try out. She settled on a blackberry cabernet cupcake recipe, which we adapted to cake and subbed in raspberries for the blackberries.


Note: if you decide make this recipe as a cake, you will need to double it. 

Birthday’s seem to be a common theme of this project, as I’m three down and who knows how many more to go. Reflecting on my first month of the challenge I’ve come to the conclusion that cake is a dessert intended for a crowd. I’ve noticed that every cake I’ve made has brought me closer to the individual people I love.


Whether I was making cake for a group of girlfriends watching the Bachelor, putting on birthday celebrations of varying size or spending an afternoon baking with friends, each slice has allowed me to enjoy the presence and take inventory of the people I’m so lucky to have in my life.


Final thoughts on raspberry red wine infused chocolate cake:

  • So chocolate.
  • Very flavors.
  • Much wine.
  • Wow.

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