Week 6: The Hemsley Sisters’ Carrot Cake

Currently I am obsessing over the latest cookbook from the Hemsley sisters, Good + Simple.  The book is full of recipes that source natural ingredients, think cannelloni beans in cake and butternut squash soup steaming with freshly grated ginger. I knew I wanted to incorporate one of their cakes into the challenge, and when I saw that last week celebrated National Carrot Cake Day, I knew exactly what to bake for week 6.


I first heard about the duo and their British foodie empire while listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Radio Cherry Bombe, which also happens to be a huge inspiration for the Sweet Sweet Love challenge. In weekly installments, the podcast features women who are rocking the food scene with poise and passion. I am obsessed.


A few months ago, the show featured Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley. The two were on to talk about their latest cookbook they’d been working on. Throughout the interview, they talked about using real ingredients in their recipes, replacing refined sugar with natural sweeteners and the importance of making every meal time an opportunity to do something good for your body. Ever intrigued, I snatched up my own copy.


Like I said, I have been so completely in love with this cookbook and have used it for my regular meal planning several weeks in a row, even repeating a handful of the recipes. They’re just that good.


The carrot cake recipe was no exception. Oh, and did I mention it’s gluten free? Hold the groan and eye-roll. The recipe calls for almond flour as the base, which has a delightfully moist consistency, unlike coconut and rice flours, and bakes into the perfect crumb. To top it off, the classic cream cheese frosting is replaced with a whipped strained yogurt sweetened with honey. Yummmm.


The finished product was my contribution to the usual Super Bowl spread. It was almost more popular than the Lady Gaga halftime show.

Final thoughts on The Hemsley Sisters’ Carrot Cake:

  • When can I eat this again?

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