Week 14: Lemony Hazelnut Cake with Seasonal Fruit & Cardamom


Several months ago, I purchased an outrageously expensive jar of cardamom spice to make Cardamom Currant Snickerdoodles made popular by Food52. If you’ve never made these cookies, make them! And if you’ve never heard of Food52, take a few minutes to check them out.


Food52 is an amazing resource for those who like to make and eat food. The site totes hundreds of peer submitted recipes and thousands of curated kitchen goods that would make any foodie swoon. What makes it even better is that the company and website was created by one of my biggest food idols, Amanda Hesser, former Food Editor of The New York Times (she was there when Ruth Reichl reigned). Excuse me while I hyperventilate.


After weeks of refraining from using a recipe from Food52, I finally caved and am now sharing with you their Lemony Hazelnut Cake with Fall Fruit & Cardamom. This recipe caught my eye because cardamom was in the title. As mentioned earlier, ever since I purchased the pricey spice, I’ve been hell bent on including it in as many baked goods as possible, which has actually been quite challenging because of it’s fragrant potency. A little of this stuff goes a long way.


The original recipe calls for fall fruits like fig or pear, which go perfectly with cardamom; however, we are hot on the heals of spring, so I swapped in my favorite late spring fruit, strawberries! The strawberries go surprisingly well with the cardamom and the acidic fruit is a nice contrast to the nutty hazelnut flour.


At this point I’ve made and eaten 14 different cakes. A lot of people ask how do I eat all of this cake? The truth is, I don’t. I end up sharing most of it with friends, roommates, co-workers, my boyfriend and anyone else willing to eat it! However, this weekend I almost single-handedly consumed this entire cake (with a little help from my boyfriend). I say this a lot, but it was. That. Good.


Lately I’ve been gravitating towards using nut-flours in my cakes. So far I’ve experimented with almond, hazelnut and pistachio flours and have had success with all of them. Nut flours are great for producing moist cakes with a fragrant complexity. Despite the deep flavor nut flours provide, cakes using them tend to feel lighter and less decadent–which makes consuming almost half of one in 48 hours a piece of cake.

Final Thoughts on Lemony Hazelnut Cake with Seasonal Fruit & Cardamom:

  • Strawberries have a high water content. Stone fruit might work better here.
  • The recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of cardamom. I ended up using 1/2 a teaspoon and it was the perfect amount. Like a said, this stuff is strong!

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