Week 16: Cardamom Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting

My cakes have been gaining quite the buzz at my workplace. Every Wednesday, when the cake goes live before I head into the office, I’m met with multiple g-chats and questions surrounding the cake. Mostly, people want to know who is eating all of it and what flavor next week’s creation will take on…


While I’ve addressed the question in several of my blog posts, and even ‘fessed up to nibbling on nearly half of a cake over the course of a weekend, my colleagues still remained curious.


A few weeks ago I was in a brainstorm for Techweek Gives, a Chicago wide competition for companies to donate the most time, money and goods to benefit the community. My company is a sponsor and we’re participating so we’ve been trying to think of fun ways to raise money around the office. When someone came up with the idea to sell slices of my cake, I jumped at the opportunity to demystify this crazy cake project and give my coworkers a chance to finally taste the cake.


Since I was bringing this cake in to sell for charity, I needed a showstopper recipe. Through browsing my favorite blogs, I ended up going with a Molly Yeh, from My Name is Yeh, cake. The Cardamom-Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting was going to do the trick. Bonus, I’m still hell bent on making it through my bottle of cardamom.


However, pulling off baking, assembling, photographing and transporting a layer cake isn’t exactly, well, a piece of cake. I managed by baking the cakes one night, running to target for a cake carrier over my lunch break the next day, making the frosting and assembling the layers that evening, commissioning my boyfriend to help photograph and manifesting an open seat on the train during my commute the morning the cake was due in the office.


By the time I walked out of the subway with cake in hand, my forearms were shaking and I could feel little beads of sweat gathering on my neck. I was probably looking a little frazzled rushing down the street with my cake–forget about becoming a crazy cat lady, I’m becoming a crazy cake lady.


Before week 16 is over with, I want to give a special shout out to my amazingly talented, uber gifted and might I add, generous, boyfriend, Dom, for helping me with the photographs. (Shameless plug: you really should see for yourself some of his work).

Like I said, carrying the cake was no easy feat; however, both, the cake and made it to the office in one piece, and we ended up raising around $50 for uBack selling slices!

Final thoughts on Cardamom-Vanilla Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting:

  • Admittedly, I only had a few bites of this cake (it was for a good cause!!!) but the added cardamom never fails to take a baked good to the next level.

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