Week 17: Chocolate Torta Soffice

I’ve never been a fan of goodbyes. Whether I’m the one leaving or it’s someone else, I usually end up choking back tears and feeling mopey about it for days.


Case in point, I found out a few weeks ago one of my closest friends was moving to Minnesota for an amazing job opportunity (we’re talking actual childhood dream job!!!). Rather than being devastated about her impending departure, I distracted myself by researching potential cakes to serve at the going away party.


Per her request, the cake had to be chocolate.


The week before, I was flipping through this month’s Food & Wine magazine (My BFs mom always saves them for me when we visit) and stumbled upon an Italian summer dinner party spread. The brownie like cake (aka Chocolate Torta Soffice) in the corner sent me straight to the notes in the back to study the recipe.


When it came time to make the cake Friday night, the ambitious wild ass in me thought it would be a great idea to double to recipe. BAD IDEA, unless of course you own industrial sized mixing bowls and have a cleaning crew on speed dial.


The recipe calls for 5 eggs separated, which, if my calculations were correct, becomes 10 eggs when doubled. Correction, 10 separated eggs. Between creaming the yolks with the sugar and butter and beating the whites into stiff peaks, I might as well have been working with 20 eggs.


I do in fact own a massive metal bowl I once purchased to make economy-sized salads in (lol) that works great for mixing cake batter. The problem is I only had one of those bowls and really could have used two. I ended up beating the whites in two separate bowls and giving my kitchen a good wipe down after combining the dry ingredients with the wet.


Into the oven the cakes went and out they came as beautiful chocolate-brown domes. The next morning I sliced the cakes into layers with a steak knife because I’m not organized enough to own a bread knife (yet), reserving the top of one for snacking, and filled them with a mocha whipped cream recipe I found here. Additionally, I added in mascarpone cheese to the whip to give it more structure against the sturdy layers.


If there’s one word to describe this week’s cake and goodbye, it’s bittersweet. The cake has a hint of sweetness from the mocha whipped cream that’s contrasted by the rich chocolate flavor and color of the layers. Likewise, I’m really happy for my friend, but I’m also sad to see her go.

Final thoughts on Week 17 Cake:

  • Don’t skip the whipped cream.
  • Don’t accidentally leave cakes on the counter uncovered for 12+ hours.
  • Do invest in an industrial stand mixer.

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