Week 21: Rhubarb, Candied-Hazelnut and Buckwheat Cake

I’ve mentioned or alluded to my favorite cake of the project so far several times. Very early on, week 8, I made the most divine plum pistachio and lemon cake from what’s become one of my favorite food blogs, The Brick Kitchen. I loved this cake so much, I’ve made my own adaptations and continued the unconventional trend of topping my cakes with fruit rather than frosting.


This week’s cake gave week 8 a run for it’s money. Ok, ok week 8 still might be my favorite but this week’s rhubarb, candied-hazelnut and buckwheat cake was so so good.


The cakes goodness started earlier in the week with a trip to the Daley Plaza Farmers’ Market near my office. With a handful of cash and a creative mindset, I drifted from booth to booth looking for fresh ingredients to inspire this week’s cake.

As my eyes darted from tomatoes to fresh herbs, they kept landing on the crimson-pink celery like stalks that every farmer seemed to be selling.


It was rhubarb! One of the ultimate signs that spring has arrived. I snatched up a bundle and took to the interwebs to find the perfect recipe to use them in. Several key board strokes later, I stumbled upon this GLUTEN FREE (all caps because I feel like that’s the tone in which everyone uses to proclaim when something is lacking gluten) recipe from My Darling Lemon Thyme.


When I saw buckwheat in the title, my heart fluttered. If you’re any sort of Chicago foodie, I’m sure you’re acutely aware of the Floriole buckwheat scones found at Intelligentsia and La Colombe. They are my hands down all time favorite pastry. I love them so much I tried to re-create the recipe at home, albeit with little success. Despite my anecdotal buckwheat failure, I dove headfirst into this recipe.


I’m aware of the stigma behind food being gluten free, especially when said food in question is any sort of baked good; however, you’ve got to trust me on this one! The mix of ground hazelnuts, nutty buckwheat flour and oozy, sweet-tart rhubarb is the perfect addition to any spring/summer dessert spread.


Breakfast, dessert, late night snack–this cake is your go to. The tangy rhubarb with a soft caramelized texture is the perfect contrast to the rich nuttiness of the snappy hazelnut. Typically hazelnut is paired with chocolate flavors, but I love the unique combination in this recipe.


Final thoughts on Rhubarb, Candied-Hazelnut, Buckwheat Cake:

  • Rhubarb 🙂
  • 2018- weekly scone challenge?

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