Week 26: Raspberry-Plum Corn Cake

Before I get in to this week’s cake and the inspiration and anecdote behind it, I want to take a moment of celebration and reflection to recognize my progress in the project. 26 cakes marks the halfway point, and to be totally honest, I’m surprised I’ve kept the momentum. Like many of us, I’ve began and abandoned too many passion projects to count.


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Week 25: Peachy Pecan Cake

This was one of those weeks. One of those weeks where I was crazy busy at work and after. I’m moving next weekend to my very own apartment, which I’m actually pretty ecstatic about; however, my personal to-do list has been just as long as my list at work.


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Week 22: Summer Pavlova with Fresh Grilled Berries


For Memorial Day Weekend I took a little road trip to Michigan to visit my boyfriend’s family. And by little I mean approximately one hour and 45 minutes away. After living in the city, this seems like quite a distance in the car… anyways, after long car rides I typically find myself in the exact same place. The bathroom.

(They didn’t call me little tank on spring break for nothing).

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