Week 27: Happy Birthday America Cake


To say that there wasn’t a lot going on this week would be the understatement of the year. If you read last week’s post, you would know that I moved this weekend. Because all my focus needed to go towards packing, my initial plan for week 27 was to make a box cake and call it a day.


Before giving into the temptation of the easy route, I got real with myself. I’ve made it 26 weeks, making a cake each week, far exceeding any realistic expectations! There’s no way I can make a box cake at this point in the game, even during the most hectic of weeks. (I may or may not regret that statement…)


With fourth of July several days away and falling on the Tuesday after I move, I got strategic with week 27.


I knew I would be in full on moving gear over the weekend and through Monday, and all my cake baking supplies would most likely be packed away, so I decided to make the cake Thursday night to bring in a little patriotic treat to my co-workers on Friday.


As July 4 is the time to show your American pride, what better than an american flag cake to celebrate the occasion? I found the recipe for the vanilla cake and buttercream icing here and used my own imagination and the baking isle for inspiration for the decoration.


This cake was a bit of a departure from my typical aesthetic, and while I did include fruit as a topping per usual, the frosting and cake are the real deal. Like the REAL DEAL. I took one bite of my slice and turned to my desk neighbor to exclaim how amazing this cake was! The vanilla flavor was perfect in both the cake and icing and the textures were unreal. Think buttery, spongey, moist perfection.


Even though I stuck to my guns and made the entire thing from scratch, the vanilla on vanilla combo felt reminiscent of a box mix but 100 times better. The flag detail was much appreciated and put everyone in a festive mood. Since I’ve recently moved to my own space (with my own kitchen YAY!) I have a feeling a lot more of my cakes are going to be sneaking there way into the office. Someone’s gotta eat them!


Final thoughts on American Flag Cake:

  • If an American flag themed cake doesn’t make you feel like a room mom, I don’t know what will.
  • Have a happy 4th!

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