Week 28: Summer Stone Fruit Galette


At the beginning of the challenge, I set out to make 52 cakes with a set of specific parameters. I may or may not have faltered with a few of these so called rules, but this week I cheated. Majorly…


All of the super markets and farm stands have been displaying the most gorgeous stone fruits and seasonal offerings. And while most weeks, I’m happy topping a cake with baked in fruit, I couldn’t shake the longing to tuck a pile of freshly sliced plums and pitted cherries into homemade whole wheat pie crust. In the end, I caved.



To be completely honest, I don’t feel guilty about this falter at all, because sometimes the heart wants what it wants, am I right? And in the moment last weekend (my first in my new kitchen) all I wanted was to throw together a rustic crust and bake the fruit into caramelized perfection.


Galettes look intimidating, but they’re actually so much easier to make than a traditional pie with a double crust. You don’t even need a tin! In the past and this week, I used this recipe from Food52; however, I’ve never followed the directions for the filling to a T and always opt in my own sweet or savory ingredients depending on my mood, the occasion and the season.


After 10 minutes in the oven, I checked on the pie to see if the crust was holding up. Without a tin providing structure, it can be common to experience oozing filling. I did have a little seeping from the side, which is the first time this has happened with this recipe! I ended up doing some last minute damage control and saved the crust from oozing out all the juicy stone fruit goodness.


I have to say, there’s nothing like pulling a bubbling hot pie full of summer fruits out of the oven in the middle of July. Cake, schmake… I have no regrets breaking the rules for week 28.


Final thoughts on Summer Stone Fruit Galette:

  • 2018 – 52 pies challenge?
  • Stay tuned.

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