Week 29: Moosewood Cookbook Walnut Date Cake

I’ve made the comment time and time again, I come from a primarily female family who not only appreciates good eating, but loves, and quite possibly lives for, the careful preparation and serving to loved ones and friends alike.


Last week, when I made a trip to my neighborhood library, I stopped  by the shelf containing all of the cookbooks. I say shelf, but it’s more like a sanctuary. Running my fingers along the cellophane spines, my eyes stopped on the Moosewood Cookbook.


In the beginning of this post I mentioned my lineage of women who love to cook. Of all the conversations surrounding food (and there were many) when my grandmother was alive, among titles like The Joy of Cooking and Chez Panisse, the Moosewood Cookbook had been mentioned the most.


The find felt like kismet. With delight, I tucked the book under my arm, excited to head home and relive the OG health food recipes of my family’s past.


Before I settled on making the Walnut Date cake (mostly because I already had all of the ingredients) I tried out the recipes for lentil burgers, bean soup and one of the variations of Waldorf salad. All of them were delicious and nurturing. I expected no less when it came time to taste the cake.


The recipe calls for a scant 1/4 cup of sugar and uses egg whites as the leavening agent, resulting in a super light cake that pairs perfect with morning coffee. It was just as good room temp as it was hot out of the oven.The light spongey cake, be-speckled with caramel chunks of date and bits of walnut, was a huge hit in the office the next day. I’m crossing my fingers they aren’t growing tired of my weekly treats!


I have a hunch that my grandma never made this recipe. My intuition (and my mom’s childhood preference from Week 24) points to the Carrot Cake as her stand by dessert. However, I’m sure if she was here today, she would have no complaints about me picking up and baking from her favorite cookbook.

Final thoughts on Moosewood Cookbook Walnut Date Cake:

  • Pass the coffee please.

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