Week 33: Cashew Cheese Cake (with a side of personal thoughts)


I’ve never been much of a journaler, and I’m responsible for more than my fair share of abandoned notebooks with 1 to 2 pages of my personal thoughts and/or travel details; however, now that I’m over half way through the project I’ve come to notice that each week’s post has offered a quick glimpse into my personal life and thoughts during the given week.


I know you came here for cake, but I have a few things to share about this week. I’m sure that every single person reading this post is woefully aware of all the horrible sad things that occurred across the world this week, likewise in my own life, I ended up shattering my phone and taking my dog to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. Big picture, my problems don’t even pale in comparison. Incase you haven’t checked yet, mercury is in retrograde.


After watching Tina Fey’s apropos video on sheet caking, I felt compelled to bring to attention the events of this week on my cake blog. While I didn’t go out and buy a cake with an American Flag festooned to the top (or even make one, see week 27), I don’t think what happened in Charlottesville and Barcelona (among other places out shined by news coverage) should be swept under the rug in exchange for an anecdote on vegan cheese cake. This week, I wanted to use my platform to spread the message that there should be no space for the hate that took place this week.


This is me saying that what happened in the world this week is heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking that we live in a world where spreading hateful messages has become normalized amongst communities. It’s heartbreaking that we have leaders who will tolerate this.

Sheet cake is a grassroots movement.

-Tina Fey



Even though I didn’t make a sheet cake this week, I did make a vegan cheese cake and used that as my means to be verbal and stand out against the hate that far too many people in this world harbor. I know this blog post might be polarizing for some (more on cake will return next week!) but my intentions are pure and in the hopes that one more voice of positivity will help to drown out some of the hate.


Final thoughts on Vegan Cashew Cheese Cake:

  • The cake actually was delicious and you should make it.
  • Recipe available here.
  • Less hate more sheet cake.


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