Week 39: Pumpkin Bundt Cake


Pumpkin spice, and everything nice… that’s what week 39’s bundt cake is made of. Cheeky poems aside, I am majorly lagging on cakes for the last two months! Part of me is afraid to even pull out the calendar and figure out how many weeks I have left when I’m four cakes in the red.


Despite my cake challenge deficit, I figured now is the perfect time to post week 39’s cake before we hit a whole new season. Admittedly, I’m not much of a Halloween fan. Dressing up in costumes and watching horror movies just isn’t my thing; however, I’m all about seasonal baking. And this week’s cake hits about all the fall bases.

cake 2

Spongey moist cake, with caramelized brown sugar notes and the perfect balance of real pumpkin flavor. No fake pumps of orange here. My initial plan was to drape the bundt in a brown butter glaze, but the quickly setting sun had me reaching for the jar powdered sugar and sifter. I’ve mentioned before that the lack of sun during my hours at home have really made this challenge even more challenging.

cake 5

Before the sun set, I was lucky to capture the perfectly baked cake. If you’ve been following along, you’d know the last time I baked a bundt cake it ended up in a pile of delicious crumbs that I repurposed into a no fuss ice cream cake (see week  31 and week 32). I  had my boyfriend around for moral support again this time and to witness my bundt cake comeback.

cake 6

I ended up bringing the cake in for a crowd of lucky coworkers to enjoy with their morning coffee. Brownie points! Everyone loved it and I got comments like “Wow this really tastes like REAL pumpkin!” Well folks, that’s because it is! Adding real pumpkin (and pumpkin spice mix) to your baking elicits all the fall feels and is a flavor I look forward to indulging in every year!

cake 4

You can find the recipe here but you definitely want to double it if your pan is 12 cups in volume.

Final thoughts on Week 39: Pumpkin Bundt Cake:

  • #blessed everything came out in one piece
  • Best served with hot coffee

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