Week 40: Honey Spice Cake

cake 1

After I published last week’s cake (a week or two late!) I made a vow to myself to not fall behind for the rest of the challenge. That means finding recipes I’m excited to make with flavors not yet included in my repertoire.

cake 2

After consulting with my SO, Dom, on what cake to make for week 40, he recommended something with a honey flavor profile. I found the recipe for this honey spice cake with honey-caramel glaze from baking blog, Oh Sweet Day While Dom has eaten many of my cakes, he’s yet to actually bake one with me; however, this week I was so happy to have him in the kitchen with me! Find yourself a honey who will bake with you, am I right?!

cake 3.JPG

Between binging the first few episodes of Stranger Things, Dom and I fit in baking, assembling and photographing the cake. And I’m happy to credit half of this week’s success to him… but only half. The kid does a mean job of creaming together butter and sugar.

cake 4

cake 5

The cake was warming, creamy and oh so sweet with the honey caramel topping. I’ve never made homemade caramel before but was shocked over how incredibly easy it was to make! The recipe makes more than you’ll need, but that means leftovers for snacking.

cake 6

All of the flavors came together perfectly with the addition to sour cream in the cake batter. The sour cream gave the cake a subtle tang while complimenting the cream cheese frosting. Topped with the caramel, and this cake became the perfect fall celebration treat! Since Dom helped me out this week, I’ll let him have the final word…

cake 7

Dom’s final thoughts on Honey Spice Cake:

  • The caramel topping is the most delicious part.
  • The cake could use more moisture and additional spice.*
  • Overall the cake was extremely delicious and I’m so lucky to have a girlfriend to bake with.**

*Dom is very critical.
**Thoughts may or may not be my own.

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