Week 47: French Chocolate Cake

If you aren’t yet part of a cookbook club, stop everything you’re doing and find yourself a group of friends who love cooking and food as much as you do and start one! This week’s French Chocolate Cake is the direct product of doing the aforementioned.

cake 1

It all started a few months back when I hopped on the train home with a few coworkers. My friend asked if I had ever heard of Deb from Smitten Kitchen. Correct answer: who hasn’t heard of Smitten Kitchen?! From there we shrieked about how much we loved her blog and Instagram and decided we had to go to her upcoming cookbook signing in Chicago with our other friend who was riding with us.

cake 2

After we attended the event, the cookbook club was born. For our first “meeting” we all took a part of the meal and got together on a Sunday for a dinner party inspired by Smitten Kitchen. Because I’m knee deep in a year of cakes, I volunteered to make dessert.

cake 3

This recipe for French Chocolate Cake isn’t actually from the cookbook, but you can find it on her blog here. The cake was so rich, almost browny like and was perfect dusted with powdered sugar. You could totally top this with fresh whipped cream or dark chocolate frosting!

Final thoughts on week 47:

  • Use bars of good quality dark chocolate for best results.

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