sweet-sweet-love-emma-currens-about-bakerYou’ve found (and hopefully read!) my blog which means either of two things; you’re a friend of mine or you really really like cake. Hopefully the latter is true, and my experiment of a year in cake and my soon to come sugar comas and oven burns will have been worth it. That’s right, a whole year in cake.

When I first came up with the idea, several thoughts came to mind. Do I like cake enough to make it 52 times? Who will eat all of this cake? How will I pull this off? Do I have the proper equipment? WHO WILL EAT THE CAKE?? After little deliberation, I brushed my apprehensions aside, gave myself a swift kick in the pants, looked in the mirror and said, “Emma you are doing this.”

Starting with one off-set spatula, a set of electric beaters, two 9” cake pans and a jumbo sized mixing bowl these are the rules I set for sharing what goes horribly wrong and horribly right:

  • Each week I must make a cake.
  • Cupcakes do not count as cake.
  • I must try a slice of each cake.
  • The definition of cake can be flexible.
  • All cake recipes must come from a different resource.

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