Week 11: Almond Ricotta Cake with Blood Oranges

Of all the ingredients to have on hand, blood oranges might have been the most fortuitous. Rooting around my refrigerator, the royal purple-red color caught my eye, begging to be more than a brown paper bag after thought, the blushing porous skin becoming a seductive canvas for this week’s cake.


Before I even started week 1, I had this recipe tucked away on my book shelf. The inspiration for this cake comes from issue No. 7 of my favorite indie magazine, Cherry Bombe. For those of you who know me, you’ve probably heard me talk about the magazine, and for those of you who read it, it’s from the issue with Chrissy Teigen on the cover. The recipe accompanied the article, From Scratch, highlighting the matriarch behind San Francisco’s acclaimed bread bakery, Tartine. You can find the recipe on, Tartine Matriarch, Liz Prueitt’s Instagram as well as in the magazine; however, I recommend picking up a copy of the magazine, it’s really something special.

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Week 8: Plum, Pistachio & Lemon Cake

This weekend the air in Chicago turned sweet. Stepping outside on Friday afternoon, I took my first few breaths of the unseasonable weather, mildly unsure if the warmth I was feeling was true. After my second breath, I was convinced, spring is definitely coming.


It’s interesting how as the seasons change our tastes begin to turn as well. We trade in cozy sweaters for swingy sun dresses and prefer morning runs over Netflix marathons. As the winter grays fade way to blue afternoons and pink sunsets, we start to crave foods that match our vernal surroundings–brighter, fresher, lighter.

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Week 1: Rose Infused Cake

They say that the best way to accomplish your goals is to just do it–they being Nike and it being sports, which I happen to be very very bad at. However, I think that this phrase fits pretty well with my personal goal of baking 52 cakes in one year. One. Cake. Every. Week.


I decided to start off this challenge in the most basic way possible by making a rose water infused cake to serve my friends during the Bachelor premiere. ROSE water cake and the Bachelor… needless to say, everyone accepted the invite to come and watch reality TV and eat cake.

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