Week 51: Caramel Apple Coffee Cake

week 51 cake 1.JPG

As I wrap up the challenge (and scrambled to make the last few cakes!) I wanted to reach for something simple and that I have yet to feature. I settled on a Caramel Apple Coffee Cake for week 51… however, true to the challenge, it wasn’t so simple.

week 51 cake 2

To be completely honest, my biggest struggle in making all of these cakes has been my inability to fully read a recipe. I know this sounds ridiculous, but at week 51 I still don’t have the time to look into all the steps before beginning! It’s a me thing.

week 51 cake 3.JPG

In an attempt to make something simple, I ended up with a multi step coffee cake, that while labor intensive, resulted in a very very delicious accompaniment to a morning cup of coffee.

week 51 cake 4.JPG

I had the pleasure of making this cake for my parents while I was home for the holidays, and both of them loved the texture of the caramel sauce, butter cake, sautéed apples and crumbley streusel topping. Ten out of ten, I recommend this cake.

Final thoughts on week 51:


Week 29: Moosewood Cookbook Walnut Date Cake

I’ve made the comment time and time again, I come from a primarily female family who not only appreciates good eating, but loves, and quite possibly lives for, the careful preparation and serving to loved ones and friends alike.


Last week, when I made a trip to my neighborhood library, I stopped  by the shelf containing all of the cookbooks. I say shelf, but it’s more like a sanctuary. Running my fingers along the cellophane spines, my eyes stopped on the Moosewood Cookbook.

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