Week 5: Raspberry Cabernet Cake

When I received a Facebook invite to celebrate my friends upcoming birthday my immediate thought was what kind of cake will I make? At a loss, I decided to phone a few friends to join me in the kitchen to pull off a cake for a crowd and brainstorm some ideas. After all, friends don’t let friends bake alone.


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Week 1: Rose Infused Cake

They say that the best way to accomplish your goals is to just do it–they being Nike and it being sports, which I happen to be very very bad at. However, I think that this phrase fits pretty well with my personal goal of baking 52 cakes in one year. One. Cake. Every. Week.


I decided to start off this challenge in the most basic way possible by making a rose water infused cake to serve my friends during the Bachelor premiere. ROSE water cake and the Bachelor… needless to say, everyone accepted the invite to come and watch reality TV and eat cake.

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