Week 24: Belated Birthday Carrot Cake


This week’s cake was something special. For 23 weeks, my number one cooking inspiration, and biggest cheerleader behind the project has watched the Sweet Sweet Love cakes progress from afar without tasting a single slice of anything. Ehn-ee-thing. Nada.

This person is my mom.

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Week 15: Carrot-Bran Muffin Cake

It can be incredibly overwhelming and challenging to come up with ideas that will photograph well, taste good and not throw me into a total sugar coma. While I do have a total sweet tooth, I try and keep it in check with healthier indulgences, i.e. date balls, dark chocolate and alternative sweeteners to regular old cane sugar.

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Week 6: The Hemsley Sisters’ Carrot Cake

Currently I am obsessing over the latest cookbook from the Hemsley sisters, Good + Simple.  The book is full of recipes that source natural ingredients, think cannelloni beans in cake and butternut squash soup steaming with freshly grated ginger. I knew I wanted to incorporate one of their cakes into the challenge, and when I saw that last week celebrated National Carrot Cake Day, I knew exactly what to bake for week 6.


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